Ricardo Reis

Ricardo Reis

Front-end engineer

Porto, Portugal

29 years old

I'm pretty much into tech and always on the lookout for new stuff to learn. My background focus most on front-end but I'm also into back-end, I'm also keen on picking up new skills and applying them the right way. Excited to join a team that loves innovation and is always aiming to improve.

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Best practices


Frontend Engineer


02/2022 - Present

Responsible for creating UI Component libraries based on design systems, constant communication with designers. Always with the mobile first methodology. It was also possible to work with diverse and interesting technologies, namely Javascript, Typescript, React, Next.JS, Svelte, Tailwind, PostCSS, GraphQL, etc.

Software Developer & IT Administrator

Cartonagem Cardoso

09/2012 - 02/2022

Responsible for IT management, namely hardware and software. An intranet system was created to automate production, controlling stocks and obtaining better reports. Furthermore, everything was controlled and visualized by the management software. It was definitely a big step forward for the factory. The platform was created with React (Javascript and Typescript).

Tech stack

JavascriptTypescriptNodejsSvelteReact JavascriptTypescriptNodejsSvelteReact
TailwindNextjsPostgresqlPrisma TailwindNextjsPostgresqlPrisma